Are problems more real than the choices you have to create something different?

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019
Your point of view creates your reality. 😀
Dain said it. I love it.
But I think I may love it because I know I can just swap one point of view out for a point of view that just works better.
Now, I can't always achieve the swap 'just like that'.
Sometimes I need to unravel big galumped yarn-piles of unconsciousness to get to the space where I can get to another choice.
But for the most part, if I see something that I'm not a fan of in my life, I go looking for two things:
-- the point of view creating it
-- what I can choose that's different
I used to put all of my attention on and creative energy into 'the problem'.  Money has always been an area where the problems just seemed more real.  (And I do mean, seemed!)
It turns out, it wasn't more real than me, but because I hadn't had ANY other information in my world to tell me different, I went with feelings!
The thing is, lately, I find myself saying to many many people: you have to study the tools.  You've got to study this book and that book and this book and that book.
And very likely, very soon, I'll put together my top 10 picks for things you can study to completely change your life.
Because operative states - functional states - are a thing!
When you have no awareness of where you are functioning from with money, you'll keep trying the same variations on a theme to "try" to create something different, while never being able to achieve it.
You'll wonder why you're so fucked up.  Why other people seem to get it when you don't.  Your problems will seem more real.
Then the day that I really really heard, after reading the How to Become Money Workbook:
What is the point of view that you're functioning from that's creating that?
That was the day my life REALLY started to change.
Because I was functioning from places!
I all of sudden got it.  And I've been applying it with myself and other people, ever since.

I've heard a lot of people talk about 'doing the work'. And it's always in reference to 'feeling all of your feelings' about something or 'going in and finding the why'.
I did a lot of feeling my feelings, back in the day. And I found out and made up lots of stories to lots of why's.
It just - didn't do the thing.
I'd spin and feel better and try something else.... but really, my life just kept showing up generally the same.
And then, the day I really heard about and started becoming aware of, functional state.
What I'm discovering is that the work required to change my life in any direction is studying 'how to be free to choose'.
It's getting present with the operative and functional places of things.
When a plant who requires cow-shit to grow gets placed in sand, it dies! Functionally, it cannot be what it's actually capable of being, in that non-functional place.
And that's what I see we keep doing: we keep trying to be the plants that we actually are while planted in material that does nothing to support what we truly are.
Being a great facilitator of yourself is being willing to listen to you with ears that don't judge so you can hear the lies you only tell yourself.
So that if you'd like to, you can make another choice.
The only times I ever "feel" trapped or stuck is when I'm not giving myself total space to choose or when I've put myself as the victim in a situation that I myself created.
It's all SO FUN. 😆
So, I wonder what else could show up in your life if you were willing to be great - with you?

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