5 Different Facets of UnStopping You in Relationships

Have you ever had the thought that your life would be so easy if there weren't other people in it?

Have you wondered "how" to create the relationship you truly desire?

This live Facebook conversation was so vibrant!

Some of the questions we covered:

  • There's so much I know that does not work for me; however, it's very easy to be pulled in by how it's supposed to be/look or some variation of that. What would it take to create something phenomenal and be the invitation to a phenomenal lover/partner in crime... or enjoyable other?
  • How do I stop limiting myself or reduce my capacity just so another person doesn't feel insecure or intimidated?
  • How do I attract relationship ? I fall back into archaic patterns....
  • How do I know where I begin and the other person ends? I seem to take on a LOT of the other persons stuff and thinking its mine, just recently realized how much. I know, I know, return to sender, but I'd be doing that 24/7! Enmeshed comes to mind. What is really me and what is them?

 Check this out and comment and share if you love it!

 xo, ~C

PS.  I have a live 3-part call that starts Thursday (check it out here)  if you wanna get more facilitation on YOUR relationship "stuff"! 

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